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Location DetectAdd geo-graphic detection to your WordPress site. Create campaigns with rules based on your visitors unique location

  • Display unique content specific to your visitors location
  • Display your site visitors country flag to immediately tell them their language is supported
  • Redirect to any site page or external url based on visitors geo graphic location – ideal for EU VAT or country specific landing pages
  • Combine with FastCountDown timers and FastMember coupons to create ultra specific geo targeted special offers

Location Redirect


This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from


There are two ways you can add a geo-graphic detection to your WordPress site: (1) Add a unique content specific to your visitors location or (2) redirect to any site page or external URL based on visitors geo-graphic location.

I. Adding a Redirect Page

  1. After downloading Fast GeoDetect, you should be able to see the Fast GeoDetect Settings in your WordPress side bar.


2. Click on the Fast GeoDetect Plugin to see the settings and start adding a new campaign.


3. Fill in the Name field with your preferred Campaign name and choose a type of campaign that you want. The campaign name is limited to 30 characters.


4. On the type of campaign, you can choose between creating a Content or Redirect Page. Choose “Redirect,” since you are creating one and enter the number of seconds to wait before finally redirected or leave it blank to keep default settings.


5. Then click Create Campaign.


6. You should be able to see this message on your edit screen once your Campaign is successfully saved.


7. If your redirect settings does not appear below, just click on the Campaigns List tab.


8. Now, you’ll see your campaign on your Campaigns List. Click on the edit option to enter edit mode and you should see the redirects/content settings.



9. Proceed to the Edit Group section and enter the Group name of your Choice.


10. To add a country, select a country from the left column and click on the arrow pointing to the right. To remove a country, select a country from the left column and click on the arrow pointing to the left.


11. If you have specific cities to target, enter each city in the this field – this is only optional. Take note of the instruction below, which says that you have to separate each city names with a comma (,), otherwise it will be recognized by WordPress.


12. Click on the the dropdown menu to select a redirect page. Or you can just directly enter a page URL in the next field top to redirect visitors to any site page or external URL based on visitors Geo Graphic Location. Once done, save your campaign by clicking Update Group button.


13. Finally, in your GeoDetect settings you’ll also see this options below your product list. Just check on the two boxes to record user location every time a user signs-up or logs in. Save settings to update your product.


II. Adding Unique Content Specific to Visitors

  1. When you select content as the type of campaign, the settings are  the same as Steps 6 – 13, except that it will show an editor screen at the bottom where you can add specific content.


2. Add your desired content. On the Edit Toolbar you will see the Fast GeoDetect icon. The Fast GeoDetect icon will appear anywhere there is an editor. So when you create a New Post in WordPress, you will also notice the icon on your Edit Toolbar.


3. Click on the Fast GeoDetect icon and select a Shortcode. You can add a country tag or flag image tag  to immediately tell visitors their language is supported. Add City Tag if you want to be City specific or Visitor IP if you want Fast GeoDetect to base on the IP address of you visitors.


4. Select a campaign and then click Insert Shortcode. If you have several campaigns already added, it will reflect in the options but if you only have one campaign as of the moment, there is no need to choose as it automatically fills in the campaign field.

shortcode 2

5. A Shortcode will be added to your editor. Once done, you can save your settings and you will eventually see the changes in your WordPress Site.



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