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Fast Stripe supports any of the following payments

  • Trials
  • Subscriptions
  • Installments
  • Single products
  • Embeded Custom Check Out Forms

Gives you a customizable embeded check out form which can be added to any WordPress post or page

Simple Check Out Forms

Lets you simplify the check out form giving you the option to reduce the input fields needed to buy down to just an email address.

User Self Registration

Let users register at point of sale by asking them to create a password directly on the payment form. This will give your buyers more confidence knowing they can access their products as soon as they’ve paid.

Instant Buyer Access

Log your buyers in directly after purchase, reducing the likelihood of refunds or support issues from misplaced passwords or lost welcome emails.

Unlimited Order Forms

Creates an unlimited number of order forms so you can A/B test your best converting check out pages. Split test as many variations and designs as you need to make the sale.

True One Click Upsells

Using our unique Fast.4S One Click Technology, Fast Stripe gives you the power to offer true one click up-sells, cross-sells and down-sells, at any point in the future after the buyers first purchase.


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