Fast Member Tutorial Library

Here you have access to detailed tutorials on each of Fast Members features. Use the search to find a specific feature or browse at your leisure. Also be sure to check out the Site Starter training so you get a good over view of how everything fit's into place.

Amazon S3 File Protection

Fast Member gives you secure file delivery using the Amazon S3 API. To use this feature you will need an …

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Fast Member Email Broadcast

Alongside the Autoresponders you can also send Email Broadcasts to your site members based on the products they have or …

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Cron Jobs

A Cron Job is basically a scheduled task that your web host will run for you. You can set this …

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Fast Member Autoresponders

Built into Fast Member is the ability for you to schedule any number of emails and have them sent out …

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Every purchase made through Fast Member will appear in the transactions list in date order. Each transaction has the following …

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General Settings

The Fast Member General Settings page is where you will configure most of your global site settings. Plugin Registration Here …

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