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Fast NetworkDetectMaximize your products exposure by listing it on multiple affiliate networks. Fast NetworkDetect will automatically show the correct buy buttons so you only need one landing page to sell your products.

  • Intelligent source detection allows you to display content based on where the traffic is coming from
  • Supports any affiliate network
  • Selectively display any content to fully customise your visitors experience
  • Attract affiliates from multiple networks increasing your sites exposure and multiplying amount of sales your products make


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When you’re selling products through affiliate networks, you surely want to add payment button for each payment platform and show the correct buttons to your customers. Now, you are just a minute away from that. This tutorial has two parts: (1) how to add a payment button and (2) how to add payment switch to ensure your affiliates get paid.

I. Adding Payment Buttons

  1. After installing Fast NetworkDetect, you will see the Fast NetworkDetect in your WordPress Edit Toolbar. You can use this button to insert payment buttons for each of your payment platforms in the page of your choice.


2. Click on the icon to see the settings. Enter your new payment button code. To get your Payment Button Code, you need to log in to your Affiliate Network payment account and get the official button image. Normally, payment platforms like JVZoo and Paypal have pre-made button codes with image previews so all you need to do is copy the code and paste it in the field here.


3. If you are adding a default button, just leave the alias empty. Use the Alias for buttons that appear for visitors that come through affiliates. The example given in the plugin is “JVZoo.”


4. Click OK and a new payment button for JVZoo will be added in your page. Note: If your JVZoo payment button does not appear like the image below, it’s probably because you have chosen a different version. Every payment gateway have different versions of payment buttons available that corresponds to a specific shortcode. It’s up to you which button you choose.

jVZoo button

5. Fast NetworkDirect can also work with other payment gateways other than JVZoo. To add other buttons, just repeat the same steps from 1 to 4. When buyers from affiliate networks buy through your site, Fast NetworkDetect will automatically show the correct buy buttons for checkout. For visitors that don’t come through affiliates, your default button will show.

II. How to Make the Payment Switch Work

  1. If you view your page, you will see your Default payment button. To see the other platforms from affiliate networks that you have created just paste this code at the end of your URL (URL + your payment alias name):


2. If a repeat visitor returns to the same page, he or she will be able to see the same payment button. It is easy as that! Now you’re ready to make Fast NetworkDirect work for you.


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