Sell Your Digital Content With WordPress, FAST

Fully Automated Sales Technology Makes Your Marketing Effortless

Sell Single Payment Products

You can quickly and easily sell single digital items and give your customers a secure members area to access their content whenever they choose

Sell Recurring Memberships

Full scale monthly membership portals and drip-fed training programs are just a click away with FastMembers rapid content protection and drip feed options

Offer Flexible Payment Options

From one time payments, to subscriptions and payment plans, FastMember allows you to choose the payment options and platfoms which suit your needs

Works with:

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How Fast Member Makes You More Sales With Less Effort

FastMember is built for the digital entrepreneur and based on over 5 years of continuous WordPress development.

Driven by the direct feedback of our customers, of various bloggers and reviewers and of course built for our own business. FastMember is part of an ever evolving system which continues to grow and adapt to the changing needs of online business owners like you.

Hits & Sales

Saves You Time And Money

The Quick Start Wizard makes it easy to setup your core member site in less than a minute saving you hours of time and shaving the cost off setting up your site


29 Second Content Protection

FastMembers unique approach to content protection allows you to quickly and easily protect multiple pages at once. Now you can protect and drip feed your entire member site content in less than 29 seconds

Earn More With Less

Charge existing customers extra to access premium content without having to pay for extra traffic. Create unlimited member levels and increase your income even further.  All members get a single login and any new products they purchase are automatically added to their account.


Multiple Payment Methods

You can use multiple payment gateways and affiliate networks including Stripe, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, PayPal, ClickBank and JVZoo with add ons for many more. You are never tied to using just one system. Accepting multiple methods can accelerate your business even faster in this global economy

WooCommerce Support

Using the new Add On system, direct integration with WooCommerce now makes it possible to build a membership site with an integrated digital eCommerce store. This hybrid site will give you the edge over your competitors and allow you to increase your sales from existing customers who are eager to buy more of your products whenever they wish.


Instant Upgrades & Easy Managment

As all users have a single login account, any upgrades they buy are instantly added to their account. You can quickly and easily manage their product access from within the FastMember system and also adjust the drip day if you wish to advance individual users through your membership content at a faster rate.


"built by folks that understand WordPress"


FastMember was built for internet product and membership sales. A product built by folks that understand WordPress and have used it for years…

Chris Lema - 

Daily Blogger & WordPress Evangelist

"nothing is faster or simpler when it comes to membership plugins"

Drayton Bird

Fastmember was our first port of call for membership software – nothing is faster or simpler when it comes to membership plugins

Drayton Bird - 

Copywriter & Founder of DBA Associates

"To put it simply, FastMember just works…"

Brian McLeod

FastMember is particularly fast and easy to set up while offering all the features and benefits of competing solutions. To put it simply, FastMember just works… which is what most folks really want and need out of a membership plugin.

Brian McLeod -

LoudMac Creative Inc

Here Is What You Get Inside
The Core FastMember System

Fully Automated Sales Technology
FAST Drip Feed & Content Protection
Easy Membership Management
Instant Sales Funnels
Solid Payment Integratons
Extensive Transaction Reporting
Advanced Autoresponder Integrations
Easy Exports
Multi Language Support
Affiliate Network Integration
One Click Shortcodes
Fully Automated Sales Technology

Fully Automated Sales Technology™

The FAST™ engine is at the core of the FastMember system

FAST™ is the robust engine which handles multiple payment gateways for fixed price single products alongside subscriptions. It also manages the drip feeding and content protection. In short the FAST™ engine is what makes your membership site run as smoothly as possible.

  • Multiple Payment Processors
  • Full Transaction Reporting
  • Subscription Based Products
  • Single Priced Products
  • Fast Drip Feeding
  • Rapid Content Protection
FAST Drip Feed & Content Protection

FAST Drip Feed & Content Protection

Rapid approach to content protection & delivery saves you time

Fast Member’s powerful content protection and delivery system means you can bulk protect and drip feed your entire membership site content in less than 29 seconds.

Content protection has been made a core feature of FastMember because we believe it should be as easy as a few mouse clicks.

  • Bulk Protect & Drip Content
  • Protect Pages, Posts & Files
  • Drip Feed As Core Feature
  • Amazon S3 Protection
  • Drip & Protect On Each Page
  • File Source URL Masking
Easy Membership Management

Easy Membership Management

More control over your site members makes management easier

Fast Member gives you a powerful, fully integrated WordPress based system for managing your site users.

From the moment they join through every product upgrade or purchase, you can quickly view their transaction history or upgrade their access

  • Member Management
  • Get An Overview Of All Your Site Members
  • Filter By Products Purchased
  • Sort By Date Joined Or When Memberships Expire
  • Manually Add New Users
  • Upgrade Existing Members
  • Bulk Import And Export To CSV
Instant Sales Funnels

Instant Sales Funnels

Create full sales funnels using FastMembers easy to setup thank you pages

Each product you create with FastMember can be an upsell to another product using Fast Member's customizable thank you page options.

Your customers are taken to the next offer in your funnel sequence immediately after purchase.

If are using our Stripe add on, you can take this a step further by adding true one click upsells on your upsell offer page.

  • Fast Funnel Creation
  • Instant One Time Offers
  • One Click Upsells (With Stripe Add On)
Solid Payment Integratons

Solid Payment Integrations

Plenty of payment options gives you more control

FastMember gives you the ability to accept payments from multiple payment gateways at the same time.

Instantly your product management is made simpler as you only need to manage one single product, yet you can still accept payments from multiple platforms.

This expands your reach for marketing and selling your products in as many places as possible

  • Payment Integrations
  • Stripe
  • 2CheckOut
  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • SolidTrustPay

Plus more add ons for your platform of choice constantly being developed.

Contact us for more details

Extensive Transaction Reporting

Extensive Transaction Reporting

All your sales data in one place

Each sale you make is recorded and displayed in the Fast Member transaction table.

You can search by unique transaction receipt, email address or filter by product type, allowing you to quickly locate any sale without needing to check across multiple payment platforms.

  • Search transaction ID
  • Filter By Products
  • Search Username
  • View Charts, Tables And Summaries
  • Search Email Address
  • Export Reports as CSV
Advanced Autoresponder Integrations

Advanced Autoresponder Integrations

Directly integrate with email marketing platform of choice

The core of FastMember has built in integrations for a number email auto responder services.

You also have a choice of additional free and paid add ons for API integrations with other services.

With new ones being added on a regular basis this gives you unlimited options for your email marketing & follow ups.

  • Autoresponder
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • SendReach
  • Custom HTML
  • Add ons including Active Campaign & Sendy

Plus more add ons for your platform of choice constantly being developed.

Contact us for more details

Easy Exports

Easy Exports

One click export of all your transactions and members makes sharing data easier

All your sales data is fully exportable as CSV files, including, transaction IDs, dates and products purchased.

Also export membership data such as email and user names for each product to import to any other system you wish.

  • Export CSV's
  • Transactions ID's
  • Products & Dates Purchased
  • Subscription Renewal and Expiry Dates
  • Member Names And Emails
  • Custom Form Fields
Multi Language Support

Multi Language Support

With support for a number of different languages FastMember is ready for your global business

FastMember has support for a growing number of different languages with more translations being added all the time.

(If you you don't see your language yet please get in touch)

  • Language
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
Affiliate Network Integration

Affiliate Network Integration

Add your products to multiple platforms and manage all your offers in one place

Place your offers on multiple affiliate platforms and track all your sales in one place.

The FAST engine handles all transactions for multiple products across multiple networks.

Sell single products and subscriptions and tap into multiple networks of eager affiliates ready to promote your offers.

  • ClickBank
  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus

Plus more add ons for your platform of choice constantly being developed.

Contact us for more details

One Click Shortcodes

One Click Shortcodes

All features of FastMember have short codes available with just one click

There is no need to copy and paste hundreds of short codes to to do what you need.

FastMember has a complete range of advanced features readily available and just a click away.

You can use the short codes to partially hide content on the page, drip feed content within content, embed protected video and audio files, add login and signup forms and a whole lot more.

  • Add Payment Buttons & Links
  • Embed Conditional Content
  • Add Protected Video And Audio Files
  • Partially Hide Content
  • On Page Drip Feeds
  • Insert One Time Offers and Timed Promotions
  • Display Personalised Member Info
  • Add Dynamic Pricing For Dimesales And Coupons
  • Create Login And Signup Forms


These integrated modules are currently part of FastMember core. They will soon to be sold separately from the FastMember system and the price for each addon will be a lot more than the current offer you see here

Fast Mailer

Fast Mailer
Read More

Auto Responders and Broadcasts are integrated with the core of the FastMember system allowing you to segment lists and send messagesbased on whether a member has bought OR has NOT bought any one product.

This gives you powerful targeting options for sending messages and follow ups only to the buyers of certain products or to target those who have not yet taken action.

Fast Affiliate

Fast Affiliate
Read More

Every member has the ability to become your affiliate giving you the best sales force available - your own customers. There is nothing better than word of mouth marketing.

Fast Affiliate uses our unique FastPay system splitting payments at time of sale using PayPal's adaptive payments.

Fast Promo

Fast Promo
Read More

Create special offers using dime sales or coupons. Add timed one time offers which disappear after a certain time or based on a fixed number of views.

With the integrated promo modulesyou a have powerful set of tools to use whenever you want to create special offers.

Fast Chunks

Fast Chunks
Read More

Display 'chunks' of content to your site members conditionally based on whether they have or have not bought certain products.

This powerful add on allows you to fully customise your site’s pages based on the exact products your customers choose.

You get hyper targeting options for your sales funnel giving you more control over which content and offers your customers see

Fast ButtonBuilder

Fast ButtonBuilder
Read More

FastMember already includes a whole range of graphical payment buttons built right in.

We’ll soon be moving to a lightweight CSS based button designer which will be a separate addon plugin with a separate cost.

When you buy FastMember now, you will get this add on at no extra charge.

Fast ClickTracker

Fast ClickTracker
Read More

There is already built in click and conversion tracking for the FastMember system.

We are expanding this into its own separate powerful system to allow you to track any event on your site.

You will also get full access to this once the new version is released.


Upto $140 Add On Store Credit

Access Exclusive Plugins And Downloads From The Fast Store

We're expanding our plugin line to include a range of add ons which extend the capability of your FastMember install beyond a traditional membership site into a full blown digital marketing system. One where you pick and choose the components as you need them.

Our new Add On Store gives you the powerful tools to enhance both FastMember and any other WordPress site with a range of exclusive plugins. You get up to $140 worth of FastCredit when you signup today. FastCredit can be used to download the plugins, page templates and guides.

Just A Few Of The Store Items You Can Purchase Or Get With Credit

Fast Stripe

Fast Stripe
Read More

Process credit card payments directly on your site with our Fast Stripe addon.

  • One Click Upsells
  • Trials
  • Subscriptions
  • Installments
  • Single products
  • Embeded Custom Check Out Forms

Includes optimized checkout page templates.

Value: $49
or Get With Credit

Fast ClickDirect

Fast ClickDirect
Read More

A-B split testing for upto 10 destinations.

Cookie the visitor so they are only taken to the same destination on repeat visits.

Supports passing of url parameters to ensure essential data, like affiliate and tracking ID's are passed to the chosen destination.

Value: $49
or Get With Credit

Fast WooMember

Fast WooMember
Read More

Sync FastMember directly with WooCommerce and create a highly profitable hybrid eCommerce member site.

Using FastMember with our WooCommerce Add On you can sell subscription based products on your WooCommerce store without the need for a number of costly WooCommerce extensions.

Value: $49
or Get With Credit

Fast WooCredit

Fast WooCredit
Read More

Fast WooCredit gives any WooCommerce store an easy to manage credit system.

Now you can offer any WooCommerce products, including digital downloads, in exchange for credit purchases.

Allow your customers to purchase store credit as an alternative payment method

Value: $49
or Get With Credit

Try FastMember For 60 Days 100% Risk Free

If after using the Quick Start Wizard you decide you would still rather do things manually, building sites by hand, you can ask for a refund.

Rather than setting up your pages and products and protecting all your content in less than a minute you can choose the manual way, we have no problem with that.

Just ask and we will refund you in full. We’ll be polite and professional about it at all times.

However, if you go fast enough you could be earning income with your first FastMember site before the guarantee period is even over.

Reviews From Satisfied Fast Member Users

“A complete solution… actually does everything you wanted and more”

Barry Rogers - Greece

“Had my site ready to go in about 5 or 10 minutes… installation was a breeze”

Paul Irvine - Scotland

"still a great product even years after I purchased it"

I Purchased Fast Member years ago and I can tell you that Fast Member is still a great product even years after I purchased it, I also own just about every other wordpress membership product on the market, what I can tell you is that many of the membership plugins that I have purchased are either no longer in business or they do not update the product software, Not so with Fast Member they have grown into a nice product and its getting better all the time, one thing about it, you will not go wrong in making a purchase, that is something I rarely am able to say.

Thomas Bodetti

jeremy kelsall

"this beats anything that I've tried HANDS DOWN"

Over the past 6 months, I'm willing to bet that I've tried every single membership solution that you can think of - DAP, WLM, and probably 15 others that you might not have heard of. At this point, I've invested more than a grand in membership scripts. For me, this beats anything that I've tried HANDS DOWN.

Jeremy Kelsall

Jose Luis Yañez

"extremely versatile and powerful"

I am a happy user of FastMember for a few years now. I find Fast Member extremely versatile and powerful. and support by Dave and Mike is outstanding.

Jose Luis Yañez

"Great features, rapid updates, and responsive support"

..thank you, thank you, thank you... What an awesome plugin. Just what the market has needed for a very long time.Great features, rapid updates, and responsive support at an incredible price, can't ask for much more.

I've tried a ton of different membership / sales process scripts and plugins and nothing even comes close...

Derek Krein

Everything You Need At A Simple Price

Pay As You Go For
Simple Site Licensing

To begin you purchase a single site licence and choose to pay monthly or yearly.

If you wish to add extra sites you can upgrade anytime for just $29 per site per year or licence packages are available starting at $49 for 2 licences per year.

You can also purchase an Unlimited Site Licence for just $149 extra per year.

This means your total cost paying yearly for an unlimited number of sites would be just $289 with support and updates.

We also offer a range of tailored add on services if you need extra assistance in setting up your site.

Fast Member Monthly

$14 Monthly
  • Fast Member Core
  • Single Site Licence
  • Integrated Modules
  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support
  • Unlimited Automated Updates
  • Full Training Library
  • BONUS: 3 Store Credits
    ($30 Value)

Fast Member Yearly

$140 Yearly
  • Fast Member Core
  • Single Site Licence
  • Integrated Modules
  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support
  • Unlimited Automated Updates
  • Full Training Library
  • BONUS: 14 Store Credits
    ($140 Value)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fast Member just a membership plugin, or is it a full theme / plugin solution, etc.?
Fast Member is WordPress plugin for building a secure membership based website with a series of add ons for marketing and sales automation.
You would need a separate theme for the front end design of your site.
Is there a contract or can I cancel any time?

You are not contracted in anyway and can cancel your plan at any time. 

How many sites can I use FastMember on?

Your initial purchase will give you a single site licence. If you need more sites you can upgrade inside the members area starting at just $29 per site. Licence packages are available from $49 for 2 sites.

You can buy an unlimited site package for just $149 which is unbeatable value.

I wish to migrate from another platform, how easy is it?
Migration is very straight forward
1. Setup the same products in FastMember. If using WLM ignore any sequential upgrades when dripping content as FastMember simply lets you choose the day the pages/posts/files are available for protecting under each product.
2. Export your members to CSV from your platform for each product.
4. Reformat the CSV in excel - this very straight forward, and just requires you to change a few column headers
5. Import your members from CSV to the correct FastMember products.
If you are migrating users on the same WordPress installation, they will keep their existing passwords and will simply be added to the FastMember products.
Once you have added all the users to FastMember then you can disable the other plugin and protect the pages and content using FastMember.
Does "FastMember core" have PayPal integration included?

Yes, PayPal standard is already integrated with FastMember. We also include integrations for 2Checkout, Payza and

What is 'Add On Store Credit'
The addon store credit can be used to 'purchase' add on plugins from the store.
The add ons give you additional functions and enhace the core FastMember plugin
You can view the store here to get an idea of the plugins that are available


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