14 Features To Create A WordPress Membership Site That Sells

Fast Member is packed with features which will help you sell your products and services online.

The following 14 features are some of the most sought after by marketers and product creators when deciding which membership platform they use to sell their content.

We're sure you'll see see how these Fast Members features will help you make more sales.

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1. A Site Which Sells From Anywhere

The more places you can sell your products from the better. PayPal and credit card should be the minimum of accepted payment methods.

For maximum exposure also consider integrating with affiliate networks such as JVZoo or ClickBank.

If you can add payment buttons and links to other websites in your network, or directly into your marketing emails, this will give you more powerful options for selling across multiple platforms and devices.

Fast Member covers all these bases. You get direct integration with a number of payment processors including PayPal, Authorize.net and 2Checkout.

Fast Member Payment Button Generator Select Payment Method

Plus we offer powerful Stripe integration for credit cards which enable one click upsells directly on your site.

You can choose between the Stripe popover or a custom form which can be added to any page on your site.

One click upsells are automatically enabled for any customer who purchases giving you a powerful frictionless sales process with the least of effort.

The Stripe checkout form is fully customisable and can be added to any page on your site
The Stripe checkout form is fully customisable and can be added to any page on your site

You can also embed payment buttons directly on any other website and generate tracking links which take customers directly to your chosen cart system.

(These special direct to cart tracking links are great for email campaigns which don’t need an onsite sales page - many marketers are already using this little talked about yet hugely powerful selling technique)


Fast Member Payment Button Generator Button and Link Codes

There is also built in integration for affiliate networks including ClickBank and JVZoo.


jvzoo logo

Plus a powerful built in affiliate platform which allows all your customers to make referrals and instantly earn commissions on any sales.

All customers can instantly be your affiliate and promote your products
All customers can instantly be your affiliate and promote your products

Using all these methods combined Fast Member gives you maximum exposure for your products anywhere online.

2. Creates Multiple Products & Membership Levels

If you are planning on having a membership site which has different levels (ie where members upgrade from one product to another), then there are two important considerations.

Will your membership products be tiered or unique?

For example if you have 3 levels, Free, Silver and Gold, tiered vs unique would work in the following way.

  1. Tiered – your membership levels are linked to one another so any content which is part of the Free product can be made available to both the Silver and Gold levels. However the content from Silver is only available after they buy. Likewise the content for Gold is made available after they buy.

    However if they buy Gold first without buying Silver (or joining for free), they would also get access to both the Free and Silver levels.

  2. Unique – the content for each level is entirely independent  so access to each product would require a separate purchase. This kind of setup is suitable for a site which sells digital products which are not linked to one another. 
Tiered vs Unique membership products
Tiered vs Unique membership products

With Fast Member you can have any combination of tiered and unique levels. You simply create each product independently and then bundle together the products you wish your members to have access to.

In our example, the Silver product would have the Free product bundled. Similarly the Gold product would also have the Silver and Free products bundled.


Quickly add other products to your main product and create tiered membership levels or value packed product bundles
Quickly add other products to your main product and create tiered membership levels or value packed product bundles

This also works for any bonus products you plan to include as part of your higher priced offers and also wish to sell separately.

Fast Member's flexible product management also leads us onto our third point on how to deal with upgrades

3. Allows Seamless Product Upgrades

You do not want members juggling multiple logins and passwords after each purchase. Instead you want a super easy and seamless way for existing members to be easily upgraded from one product to another.

With Fast Member all members get a single user account and any purchases are added instantly when they upgrade.

Next time they visit the site the new content is there available for them to access.

Members have a single account which all products are added to
Members have a single account which all products are added to

4. Offers Members “Self Service”

After subscribing for access to your content, can your members manage their subscriptions and billing details themselves?

This alone can be a massive timesaver potentially shaving off a huge amount of support requests each month.

Users can manage their own billing and subscriptions when you use the Fast Stripe add on
Users can manage their own billing and subscriptions when you use the Fast Stripe add on

If you plan to use Stripe we have made this super simple with the Fast Stripe addon on.

Using a simple shortcode a members billing area can be created where your site members can update their billing details, view their current plans and cancel any subscription payments if they wish.

5. Effortless Autoresponder Integrations

Integrating with autoresponder services such as Aweber, GetResponse or Active Campaign needs to be effortless for your follow up and marketing emails to run smoothly.

Fast Member has built in integrations and also a number of addons for many of the popular autoresponders (I’ll show you a full list very shortly)

Each product supports integration with a different  email service as well as adding to a unique email list, so you are not tied to using a single email service provider for your entire membership site.


Built in support for a number of Autoresponder services plus addons for others
Built in support for a number of Autoresponder services plus addons for others

6. Quick & Easy Content Protection

Another important thing to consider is how easy is it to protect and deliver the content you sell?

Ideally you want a system which lets you bulk protect existing pages or posts instead of having to add them one by one (which becomes a nightmare when you have a large site).

Here is how Fast Member handles the content protection in 5 steps... (this takes less than 29 seconds)

Also Fast Member gives you the content protection settings on each page offering you more control over your content settings on a page by page (or post by post) basis.

Every page and post has options to be protected as part of any product
Every page and post has options to be protected as part of any product

7. Versatile Drip Feeding

If running a subscription based membership site you may also wish to think about how to gradually drip feed the content you sell to your members.

Does the software makes this possible? If so how does it handle it?

On a product by product basis?

Or do you have get more control down to individual pages, posts and files?

Taking it further, can you drip feed individual pieces of content within the same page?

Drip feeding is the systematic delivery of content based around a schedule you define. It starts the moment your members join the site and new content is made available (typically weekly or monthly) depending on the type of site you run. This allows you to hold back content, delivering it gradually so people don’t just sign up for a single month, download everything and then suddenly cancel on you

The drip feeding in Fast Member is built right into the core of the content protection and is super simple to setup.

When protecting the content you simply choose what day after they purchase the content will be made available.

Once that day is reached the content is available for your members the next time they access your site.

Bulk protect pages and posts with easy drip feeding options
Bulk protect pages and posts with easy drip feeding options

8. Secure File Delivery

Next consider any downloads you need to deliver to your members. What happens if someone shares the download links? Can you protect your downloads from being leached easily?

Fast Member will mask each file you add from any hosting location with it’s own unique protected download URL, making sure your downloads can never be shared online.


All protected files have their own unique url generated
All protected files have their own unique url generated

There is also direct Amazon S3 integration giving you access to Amazons scalable cloud hosting service.

This means your main site is never slowed down with people downloading directly from your server and losing you sales.

Setup is seamless - all you need to do is add your Amazon download URLs into the content protection module and you are ready to go.


Quickly bulk protect a list of files by just pasting in from a text document
Quickly bulk protect a list of files by just pasting in from a text document

Your files will always be protected and the link will revert back to any page on your site you choose.

(This could be a squeeze or sales page meaning you are driving more traffic to your site and collecting leads or making sales for no extra cost)

Choose where non members and expired members are redirected
Choose where non members and expired members are redirected

9. Sending Email Notifications

Along with the usual product welcome emails, there are other notifications you may wish to send out.

Typically these will come from your membership site instead of your marketing email service provider.

To ensure the best deliverability of these emails you absolutely should consider a dedicated SMTP service (especially if you are using shared hosting)

Fast Member has built in support for a number of different mailing methods including the WordPress mailer, SendGrid, MailGun and Amazon SES (via SMTP). This ensures you have full control over how your important site notifications, (like welcome and product access emails) are delivered.


Fast Member supports a number of methods for email notification delivery
Fast Member supports a number of methods for email notification delivery

Using Fast Member’s built in Autoresponder you can also add an unlimited number of site notification emails. These can be synced with your drip fed content to alert members of any new content being made available.


Add an unlimited number of follow up emails to notify your site members
Add an unlimited number of follow up emails to notify your site members

All emails can be easily formatted using the WordPress post editor and can be set with custom HTML to create beautiful emails in line with your branding.

This saves the need to add any site notifications into your main marketing autoresponder system, keeping it dedicated purely for marketing messages.

(You may even find Fast Member’s built in autoresponder powerful enough for all your marketing and follow up needs. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year in email marketing service fees)

Easily format your emails in the WordPress post editor
Easily format your emails in the WordPress post editor

10. Fully Automated Setup Technology

Another important, but often overlooked aspect is the actual setup of the membership software. You do not want to spend hours repeatedly going through settings each time you add new products.

A big time saver is to pick a plugin which has a setup wizard built in. This will get most of the tedious setup work out of the way for you.

You can then get on with the rest of the site building with ease and ultimately have more time to make sales.

Fast Member was a pioneer in offering a Quick Start Wizard. This time saving feature sets up all your products in 4 easy steps.


The quick start wizard configures your products, creates your pages and adds payment buttons in 4 easy steps
The quick start wizard configures your products, creates your pages and adds payment buttons in 4 easy steps
  1. Products - Add your products, prices and any number of associated content pages

  2. Sales & Thank You Pages - Adds a page for your sales copy and also a thank you page where customers are taken to after purchase (you can add an upsell here)
  3. Affiliate System - Choose if you wish to use Fast Member’s integrated affiliate system (and make more sales through direct customer referrals)
  4. Payment Details - Select which of the built in payment methods you wish to use and whether you wish to add a coupon form to the sales page. This then automatically adds a payment button to your sales page

After you run the Quick Start Wizard, all you need to do is add your content to the created pages and you are ready to begin making sales.

11. Track Your Sales




“What gets measured gets managed”

Peter Drucker - Business Management Guru & Educator

As you dig deeper you’ll realise there is something important missing from many membership platforms.

It’s the simple ability to know which products are performing the best and then being able to optimize your funnel based on the data given.

Using Google Analytics gets you some way there, but there are often far too many false positives reported.

For example, new customers may visit your ‘thank you page’ more than once if they purchase on mobile and then access later on a laptop or tablet.

Each device would register as a unique visitor in your analytics and will trigger a ‘successful sale’ each time. This completely screws up your conversion ratio.

There are many tracking solutions which you can set up to overcome this, but they  often require extra running monthly costs.

Fast Member has a built in tracking system which automatically tracks page loads (both unique and raw) and displays the number of sales, conversion rates and EPC.

There is no setup involved, all hits are recorded by simply adding a payment button to a page. You can further track clicks on individual buttons and payment links with the addition of Fast Member’s built in custom tracking codes.

These payment buttons and links can even be embedded on another website or in emails to make you sales anywhere you choose.

All tracking of clicks, sales and conversions is reported in your Fast Member stats giving you complete over view of your marketing from right inside your FastMember dashboard.

EPC is the Earnings Per (unique) Click. This important metric is far more valuable than conversion rate alone. It will give the dollar earnings for each unique site visitor. This can be used to immediately evaluate any advertising spending decisions based on a CPC (cost per click) basis

12. Special Offer Funnels

What about special offers designed exactly for your sales funnel?

Can you offer trials, discounts, coupons, one time offers or one click upsells based on user behaviour?

You may need to do specific things depending on how your funnel is designed.

Maybe you need a timer on certain pages which redirects to another page when it expires?

Perhaps you wish to run a discount only to members who have purchased a certain product.

Or you want to display a One Time Offer for new members for a fixed number of page views before it disappears forever.

Scarcity in marketing is powerful but often abused with lame methods.

(How many times have you refreshed a page with a countdown timer which simply starts again? It’s predictable and makes you less believable. Genuine scarcity gives you genuine credibility)

The problem is these specialised funnel tweaks often require a number of different plugins and scripts to pull off. Setting all this up can become time consuming and confusing and expensive.

Fast Member has built in support for coupons and expiring one time offers.

We also offer addon plugins which integrate seamlessly and give you this genuine marketing power.

Our Fast CountDown addon gives you unlimited unique cookie based countdown timers. These can automatically redirect to any page you choose after they expire.

This enforces any scarcity and makes you look more credible when the offer is no longer available (just like you said it would be)

You can set this up an a per visitor basis creating unique customised sales funnels for each user.

(The world’s most sought after direct response consultant Frank Kern calls this kind of funnel the ‘Holy Grail of Internet Marketing’, which leads us onto the next point...)


"Behavioral Dynamic Response is truly the “holy grail” of Internet Marketing"

Frank Kern - "most sought after Direct Response internet marketing consultant and copywriter on the planet"

13. Behavioral Dynamic Content

When you are running a multi tiered membership site you will wish to show relevant content to your members based on the products they have purchased.

To take this a step further you may even wish to show content based on various conditions such as ‘not yet purchased product A’ or ‘purchased product A but not yet product B’

This creates a unique customised experience for your members and gives you powerful options for mapping out advanced funnels based on user behaviour.

(You can read more about these advanced funnels in a special report we’ve put together called ‘The Secret Sales Funnel’... download here)

Fast Member makes this kind of dynamic content super simple.

You simply create ‘Content Chunks’.

These friendly little chunks are embeded on pages with a generated shortcode. You choose the conditions for displaying the content when generating this shortcode.

Whenever your site members match those conditions the content is either hidden or displayed.

It’s a super powerful feature allowing you to create a site which would have previously needed expensive custom programming involving complex conditional logic.

Gladly you don't have to mess around with any of this stuff.

Instead you get a powerful, highly customised marketing funnel unique to every user without any fuss or effort.

(This kind of dynamic funnel has been shown to increase sales by upto 400% - source: How To Profit From People Who Say No by Frank Kern)

14. Freedom From Lock Ins

Future proofing your site is always an important consideration. For example you may wish to sell your member site as a complete business.

A potential buyout of your site might even mean the new owners want to export the data into another system.

If your choice of membership platform doesn’t allow extensive data exports then this could be a dealbreaker.

Even for your own peace of mind, and for any future custom integrations, having access to all your site data in an easy to export format is a huge asset.

Fast Member lets you export your data at every needed point in a simple to handle CSV format.

You can export.

  • All transactions at once or for each individual product
  • Member Names, Usernames And Emails
  • All Active Members for each product & Dates Purchased
  • Subscription Renewal and Expiry Dates
  • Any additional Custom Form Fields for import into your CRM
  • Downloads for each product with unique urls

Here’s The Final Word

Finally these important points are often overlooked when choosing which software to use

  • How long has the software been available?
  • How well tested is the software?
  • How flexible is the development and can the plugin be modified if needed?
  • How often are updates put out and are they tested beforehand?
  • How responsive is their support?
  • How well documented are the tutorials?
  • Is there an active community of users?
  • Can you get personalised help with your setup?

Fast Member has been in constant development since 2011. We use it extensively to run all our own marketing sites, including this site itself.

We are fully open source and any developer can access the code to perform customisations.

Updates are regularly put out as beta’s. We only fully release these once we are satisfied they will not bring your site crashing down.

(Just so you know we’ve never had a beta release crash a site either - they are tested extensively too before release)


Our support usually responds within a couple of hours and have an excellent track record of solving any issues.


To top it all off we have an extensive video tutorial library with short direct videos giving you full instruction on all the features and full knowledgebase with answers to almost every question you may have.

We also provide a series of ‘Site Starter’ videos which walk you through the entire site setup process.

We are building an active community of users who rave about how Fast Member has transformed their businesses.

Still There Is More

Along with all the impressive built in integrations we offer a number of powerful add on plugins. For a limited time you get access to your choice of these add ons (including our powerful Stripe add on) for no extra cost.

The add ons have a combined separate value of $558 which we are waiving as part of a limited special offer. (Fast Member wont even cost you anywhere this amount either)

Plus if you ever need it, we offer a tailor made service for all our customers. Now you can have a WordPress marketing expert setup your membership funnel exactly the way you want.


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