Fast ActiveCampaign


Fast Active CampaignFast ActiveCampaign gives a quick and easy way to add new FastMember customers to your Active Campaign lists. The moment anyone makes a purchase they will be added to the email list selected from inside the plugin.

  • Direct API integration means any list ID entered is synced directly with your ActiveCampaign account
  • Supports individual lists for each product
  • Supports unique form ID’s
  • Supports tagging with automatic tag creation if tags do not already exist


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Using the Fast ActiveCampaign add on with FastMember is very straight forward.

1. Once installed enter your Active Campaign API details on the FastMember settings page.

Fast ActiveCampaign API Settings

2. Next visit the product you wish to link with your Active Campaign account. In the product settings you will find Active Campaign available as an option on the autoresponders tab.

Choose Fast ActiveCampaign

3. Finally enter your Active Campaign list details including Mailing List ID and Subscription Form ID. You can also add any tags you like. If they do not already exist inside Active Campaign they will be automatically created once your new users are added to your list.

Fast Active Campaign Settings



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