Fast Member Shortcodes

Payment Button

[fastmem product="1" button="1" track="abc" pmethods="1"]

This would render a payment button with the following values

  • product '1'
  • button configuration '1'
  • tracking code 'abc'
  • payment method '1'

This would output a button on the page as below

Payment Link
Conditional Content Chunks
Protected Video Player
Partially Hidden Content
On Page Drip Content
On Page One Time Offer
Dime Sale Counter
Current Price
Trial Price
Product Name
Coupon Input / Info
Download Link
All Download Links
Login Form
Member Info
Visitors Content
Signup Form
Upgrade Button

Affiliate System Shortcodes

Affiliate Stats

[fastmemaff chunk="stats" product="0"]

This will display a table of stats for the logged in affiliate for all products

Please login to see your stats!

[fastmemaff chunk="stats" product="1"]

This will display the stats for a specific product

Please login to see your stats!

Affiliate Link
Affiliate Info
Withdrawl Stats
Withdrawl Form
Payment Details Form
Registration Form
Login Form