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Split Test CampaignQuickly create url redirects and track the clicks with the option to include multiple destinations

  • Shorten URL’s and cloak affiliate links
  • Tracks total number of clicks alongside unique clicks
  • URL rotation allows you to create fast split tests.
  • Up to 10 different split test destinations means you can do unique destination ratios including 50/50 60/40 70/30 80/20 90/10 etc
  • Cookie the visitor so they only ever visit the same destination on repeat visits
  • Pass url parameters to the destination – essential for use with affiliate and tracking links


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  1. After installing Fast ClickDirect you will find the menu in the WordPress admin area.

Fast ClickDirect Menu

2. Click Add Campaign to create a new campaign.

Fast ClikcDirect Add Campaign

3. Next add the link details. Give the link a title and name the URL slug. Also enter a destination for the redirect.

Fast ClickDirect Link Details

4. If you want to create a split test, enter another destination URL. You can enter up to 10 destinations. You can use the same destination more than once to create different split test ratios.

Fast ClickDirect split test options
1/3 split test ratio

5. Finally choose your campaign options. You can cookie the visitor to ensure they only ever visit the same destination on repeat visits when running a split test. You can also choose to pass url parameters. Select this if you are using Fast ClickDirect to shorten affiliate links or other links which pass parameters in the url.

Fast ClikcDirect campaign options

Once finished hit the Add Campaign button. You will be notified that the campaign has been saved.

Fast ClickDirect campaign saved

6. When you visit the campaign list you will now see your new Fast ClickDirect campaign. From here you can copy the campaign url and use this anywhere you wish to post a link. New clicks will be recorded in the list, showing total clicks alongside uniques.

Fast ClickDirect campaign list

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