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Fast ClickFunnelsConnect your ClickFunnels account to the FastMember content protection system. Record your ClickFunnels transactions and grant access to users who purchase through your ClickFunnels order forms.

All thats needed is to install the plugin. As long as you have licensed version of FastMember running you will see ClickFunnels webhook details in your product settings.

Supports order bumps and subscription products.

ClickFunnels is the premier service for building complete funnels for any marketing campaign. High converting email optin funnels or complex membership funnels.

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FastMember gives you unlimited flexibility in setting up your WordPress membership site. When used with ClickFunnels as the front end page builder for your marketing pages you can create a powerhouse system for delivering your content with WordPress.

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With Fast ClickFunnels, you can now integrate your ClickFunnels account to the FastMember content protection system
Connect your ClickFunnels account to the FastMember content protection system and record each transaction. To do this, there are three steps that you need to complete, the third is optional.

I. Signing Up for ClickFunnels

Go to ClickFunnels official website ( and create an account.


II. Setting Up Your Fast ClickFunnels

Now your ClickFunnels account is integrated to WordPress, it’s time you integrate FastMember with ClickFunnels.

  1. Choose a product that you want to integrate under the FastMember plugin in your WordPress side bar. If you have a new product, just click Add New product and proceed to the edit screen.


2. Go directly to the Third Party Integration tab and you should be able to see the ClickFunnels integration option.


3. A URL will be provided in the first field. In your ClickFunnels account, select an access integration from the Edit Funnel options and add the URL into the Webhook URL field.


4. Enter your ClickFunnels product ID.


5. Click on the Update Product button to save all changes you made in your FastMember product.


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