Fast CountDown

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Fast CountDownThere are loads of countdown timer plugins out there. Most look a bit goofy with large displays emulating old fashioned style mechanical digits.

If you want a simple text based countdown timer with a few different display options then Fast CountDown is perfect for your needs. It can be styled anyway way you choose using the WordPress text editor.

Here is an example of the timer looping styled with bold H3 and green text

[fm_countdown_timer duration=”15s” endurl=”” loop=”1″ disptype=”disp-type-3″ ]

  • Add a unique countdown timer to each page
  • Cookie to each visitor or set to a fixed date
  • Redirect on expiry
  • Three different display formats
  • Loop to start when timer expires (perfect for dime sales)
  • Works with any page builder including Thrive, OptimizePress and BeaverBuilder


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