Fast PopOver

Fast PopOver gives you the power of dynamic customisable popovers which can be used anywhere on your site.
You can add any content which you would add to a WordPress post and popovers can be triggered in a number of different ways.

Besides just having the usual exit pops or popovers appearing with timed delays, you can also trigger popovers with button or link clicks. You can even automatically close popovers after a number of seconds.

Other options include showing a url as iframe content which will allow you to load a complete website inside a popover.
You also can set a cookie to not show the popover to repeat visitors for a number of days.

Popovers can be styled to fit your page and and can also be made to appear in any position on the visitors screen.
Once created you can insert the popover on any page with a simple shortcode.

Check out the full tutorial for Fast PopOver here


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