iDev Affiliate

For more than 15 years, iDevAffiliate has been providing the leading affiliate tracking software in its class. Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and more search engine ranking! iDev affiliate software installs in just minutes and through the use of built-in …

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Fast ConvertKit

Fast ConvertKit is designed to work seamlessly with both the Fast Flow Dashboard and Fast Member Once your contacts have been added to WordPress you now have the ability to sync their Fast Tags and Fast Member purchases. Fast Tags can be used to trigger automations on any other integrated platform which is supported by our growing number …

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Fast BeaverControl

Fast BeaverControl gives you the power to show or hide any Beaver Builder page content based on URL strings, user tags or product purchases. Integrate with Fast Member and show or hide content based on products purchased. Create a dynamic website which changes based on your Fast Member customer purchases and CRM interactions. Use the Fast …

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Fast WooDownload

When selling digital download products with WooCommerce it is unlikely your customers will buy more than one version. After initial payment the WooCommerce product listing and buy now buttons for the products they just bought become redundant. By using the Fast WooDownload plugin you can turn your product listing pages into direct download pages or …

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Fast WooMember

Fast WooMember lets you integrate WooCommerce sales directly with FastMember. You have three options for syncing sales between Fast Member and WooCommerce Sync sales of Fast Member products with WooCommerce products so an order is created within WooCommerce after a Fast Member purchase. Sync sales of WooCommerce products with FastMember products so access to FastMember …

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Fast Mautic

Fast Mautic allows you to integrate Mautic with Fast Member and the Fast Flow system including full support for Fast Tags and email list segmentation. Fast Forms is also fully supported.

Fast ClickFunnels

Connect your ClickFunnels account to the FastMember content protection system. Record your ClickFunnels transactions and grant access to users who purchase through your ClickFunnels order forms. All thats needed is to install the plugin. As long as you have licensed version of FastMember running you will see ClickFunnels webhook details in your product settings. Supports …

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Fast Stripe

Fast Stripe lets you take Stripe credit card payments directly on your Fast Member site, with full support for free and paid trials, subscriptions and payment plans. Fast Stripe also integrates directly with Fast Forms allowing you to collect customer registration and signup details before or during the checkout process. Visit this page for the …

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Fast Forms

Fast Forms Pro is a powerful drag and drop block based form builder. Based on the latest WordPress 5 framework Fast Forms Pro gives you a complete lightweight form builder with a host of powerful features

Fast Aweber

Fast Aweber allows you to integrate Aweber with Fast Member and the Fast Flow system including full support for Fast Tags and email list segmentation. Fast Forms is also fully supported. Once your members have been added to WordPress you have the ability to sync both their Fast Member purchases with an Aweber list or use Fast …

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