Update: FastMember 1.3 – Product Bundles, Stripe Subscription Cancellations and More…

We’ve busy working a new release for FastMember and now it’s time to let it loose. You can update from inside the WordPress dashboard or by downloading from the site.

Here are a couple of quick highlights of new features. Let us know what you would like to see added in the comments.

Product Bundles

Now you can bundle products together to create packages from existing products. Your customer then only needs to purchase the master product and they are given access to any products which are added as part of that bundle.

This gives you better controll over managing your protected content, keeping it segmented on a product basis, and still allowing you to give access to those pages and files as part of a single purchase by bundling products together.

One way you can use this is to add products as a bonus to you main product.

Then there only needs to be a single purchase for the parent product, and your members will get access to all products and the members management page will show all the child products they have been added to.

I’m sure you can think of many other powerful ways to use this new feature.

Stripe Cancellations

If you are running a membership site taking subscription payments with Stripe, you can now cancel existing subscriptions when your customers upgrade or downgrade to a new plan.

This makes FastMember even more powerful removing the need to manually cancel subscriptions inside Stripe by letting the product selection automate the process.

There are even more new features added for the Fast Stripe add on, so keep an out over the next few emails about the powerful new Fast Stripe updates (including onsite cancellations and billing management)

Other updates include

  • Removal of dated dimesale ‘copies left’ graphics from shortcode and renamed to ‘Dime Sale Counter’ (still supported as images for existing shortcodes)
  • https calling of graphical buttons on ‘Buttons’ and ‘Embed Code Generator’ pages
  • Addition of Raw Payment Link and resize boxes on Embed Code Generator page
  • Hide affiliate emails when affiliate system not being used
  • Reinstated WordPress mailer as mailing option to allow integration with other plugins which use this method
  • Change title of 3rd Party Integrations to ‘Integrations’
  • Addition of accordion module styling to Integrations tab
  • Start of selective tag style product selection for certain features
  • Support for Fast Tagger ftag parameter passing on registration forms
  • Registration form UI improvements: Form fields now using placeholder instead of text labels and CSS tweaks
  • Various code improvements

3 thoughts on “Update: FastMember 1.3 – Product Bundles, Stripe Subscription Cancellations and More…”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Great news! and happy to see there are new developments for the Faststripe add on. Does this new version also tackle the issue with S3 endpoints for protected files/videos when dealing with EU buckets? It is no problem to choose an USA bucket instead of an EU one before uploading files to S3. The issue comes when one may already have GBs of video files already stored on an S3 EU bucket! as then one would need to create another new USA bucket and move everything from the EU bucket to the USA bucket, which is both time and bandwidth consuming! – Please, consider keeping an eye on this!

    Best regards 🙂 keep the good work!

  2. Hey Jose, the S3 endpoint will be looked at for the next update. We wanted to prioritise pushing this version out as it’s been long enough in testing. We’ll have a fix for the EU end point though as soon as possible. Thanks for your continued support.

  3. Hey Dave,
    Thanks to you for your continued improvement and grow of FM! – Your beast has been running on my sites flawlessly for years now and still it goes better and better – Bravo!

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